Anime Previews: ARC-V Episode 30

Episode 30: “The Tested Heart of Steadfast Dueling”

2nd November 2014

First round of the Maiami Championship. The first battle of Gongenzaka begins, and his opponent is his former fellow disciple, Ankokuji Gen. Using a cunning trap, Gonganzaka and Yuya are both played around with by Ankokuji. Furthermore, an inconceivable crisis awaits them both…


Following Yuzu’s victory in her first battle, the next duel involving Gongenzaka begins. HIs opponent is Ankokuji Gen, a former disciple of the Gongenzaka Dojo.

Unable to forgive Ankokuji for insulting his best friend Yuya, Gongenzaka strives to win this duel. However, in the duel venue, Yuya is nowhere to be seen. With his cunning strategy, Ankokuji lured Gongenzaka and Yuya into his trap. Seeing how Yuya has fallen into his opponent’s trap, Gongenzaka begins to lose focus…

Cast List:

Sakaki Yuya, Hiiragi Yuzu, Gongenzaka Noboru, Shun’in Sora, Tatsuya, Futoshi, Ayu, Hiiragi Shuzou, Nico Smiley, Ankokuji Gen, Koutsu Masumi, Shijima Hokuto, Toudou Yaiba, Gongenzaka’s Dad, Assorted Voices, Narration

Source: MasterGhost of NeoArkCradle, NewWise forums


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