OCG Set 904: Crossover Souls

Crossover Souls (クロスオーバー・ソウルズ)

On sale 14th February 2014

143 yen per pack (without tax)

The latest installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Booster Series!

80 kinds in total + World Premiere 10 kinds

Ultra Rare: 6; Super Rare: 10; Rare: 20; Common: 54

  • Ultra Rare also comes with Ultimate Rare.
  • Super and Ultra Rare also comes with Secret Rare.
  • 1 out of the 90 new cards comes in the form of Holographic Rare as well.
  1. A good number of cards that debuted in the anime will also be included in this pack.
  2. Also included are the Japanese World Premiere cards that serve to introduce more OCG original themes as well as strengthen current OCG archetypes.
  3. Meets the demands of both new players to the game as well as experienced players of the game.
  4. Aside from Pendulum Monsters, the pack will of course include Ritual, Synchro, Xyz and Fusion monsters as well.

Source: Maxut (http://blog.livedoor.jp/maxut/archives/40978844.html)


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