Anime News: ARC-V Episode 31 Magazine Scan

New magazine scan arrived today, illustrating the awesomeness that is Episode 31 of ARC-V. Featuring Neo New Sawatari.

Episode 31: The Howling Wind – Hermit Youkai Lost Tornado!

The fated showdown between Yuya and Sawatari!

Yuya’s first duel in the MCS finally begins! His opponent is the one who once suffered great humiliation – the “Neo New Sawatari”!! Yuya is determined not to lose, and challenges the “Hermit Youkai” monsters with all he got!!

This week’s Sawatari: Watch out for his evolved form of dueling!

Sawatari shows himself in a new “form”!! Using the new “Hermit Youkai” monsters, he fights against Yuya!! Sawatari’s “revenge scenario” cannot be stopped already…!!

Source of scan: BBS Newwise


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