Regular Blogging Schedule

Hi guys, in addition to posting the latest news here, I also plan to do regular blogging here. The blogposts would cover things such as personal episode reviews, card of the week articles, deck lists, pack openings, or even things such as my life in Japan or posts that teach some basic Japanese.

Tentatively my blogging schedule is as follows though it might change occasionally (times are all in Japan Standard Time):

  • Sunday night/Monday afternoon: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode Review (where I would post my opinion on the latest episode of the anime shown in Japan)
  • Tuesday: Basic Japanese/Japanese Used in Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Wednesday: Card(s) of the Week
  • Friday night/Saturday morning: Opinion Column (where I comment on the current meta-game or any stuff relating to Yu-Gi-Oh)
  • Every Fortnight: Playing for Fun (where I post a profile of a casual deck)
  • Occasionally: Life in Japan
  • Rarely: Pack Openings (because I don’t really purchase packs that often, usually only when a new product comes out in Japan)

Please do look forward to these blog posts and thank you for continuing to support this little blog! (even though it’s growing at a slow rate… ;(


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