Watch your favorite artists play Yu-Gi-Oh!

Recently, Konami Japan launched a promotional campaign for its Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Titled “Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle to be the Strongest”, it involves 2 of the mascot girls for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime series, 2 voice actors of the current and past anime series, as well as 2 other artists, pitting against each other in a “tournament” to determine who is the strongest in Yu-Gi-Oh among them all.

You can watch the videos of the two duels so far on Konami’s official Youtube account, linked below:

Round 1 Duel 1 – Ono Kenshou (Sakaki Yuya’s VA) vs Ono Yuuki (Kiryu Kyousuke’s VA)

Round 1 Duel 2 – Hata Mizuho (a gravure idol in Japan) vs Iv (Bass player of the visual-kei band Vivid)

The same Youtube channel will be updated with more videos of the tournament. Root for your favorite artist!


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