Pack Opening: OCG The Gold Box

Hey guys, so this is the first ever Pack Opening article for the blog, and I would like to start off with one of the more recent products that Konami has rolled out for the OCG over here in Japan. And the pack for today is… The Gold Box!

So the Gold Box is actually one of the products released by Konami probably to clear off its excess stocks. There are two different types for this product: one big pack contains 2 smaller packs of The Gold Box (released during the Zexal era) plus either 1 Abyss Rising and 1 Cosmo Blazer, or 1 Gold Series 2013. Each big pack costs 432 yen with tax included, and I say it’s pretty value for money since the average retail price of a booster pack in Japan is about 150 yen. Today I bought the former type.

And so, here’s our 4 smaller packs for opening:

Pack 1: Cosmo Blazer

Very fortunately, I was able to pull a Super Rare “Pyrorex the Elemental Lord” (CBLZ-JP040)! That’s a good sign, especially since this is only my first pack. The other cards include a Rare “Brushfire Knight” (CBLZ-JP037), as well as the Commons “Xyz Remora” (CBLZ-JP011), “Hazy Flame Griffin” (CBLZ-JP029) and “Abyss-Scale Cetus” (CBLZ-JP061).

Moving on, pack 2: Abyss Rising

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any holos inside this pack. I got the Rare “Shore Knight” (ABYR-JP032), and the Commons “Mermail Abysshilde” (ABYR-JP016), “Fishborg Planter” (ABYR-JP030), “Madolche Ticket” (ABYR-JP061) and “Battle Break” (ABYR-JP066). Oh well, at least “Fishborg Planter” is a decent card for a WATER Synchro Deck.

Pack 3: The Gold Box 1

The Gold Box is essentially the same as Gold Series, where staples and some random cards get reprinted, all in Gold Rare glory. This pack was somewhat okay, as I pulled some usable staples/semi-staples like “Chaos Sorcerer”, “Heavy Storm” and “Dimensional Fissure” (Take note, Heavy Storm is Limited in the OCG). Nobody even plays “Destiny Board” nowadays so I doubt the purpose of Konami for putting the card into the pack.

Pack 4: The Gold Box 2

Also a decent pack. “Icarus Attack” might be useful in a Blackwing deck, especially the archetype is getting a reprint in Tribe Force. Nobody plays “Soul Release” or “Thestalos the Fire Monarch”. “Dark Hole” is a staple for decks since it’s Limited in the OCG. Some people side “Lava Golem”, so it’s a bit useful at least.

Last but not least, the Rares and Super Rare cards.

All in all, I say it’s a mediocre opening. Some useful cards opened, but others are a bit… Anyway, thanks for reading this and I would be coming with another round of opening whenever I purchase a new pack! 😀


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