Anime News: ARC-V Episode 32 Magazine Scan

Episode 32: “White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show”

Having his Pendulums sealed away, Yuya…!?

The duel between Yuya and Sawatari, who is thirsty for revenge, continues. Yuya is facing a tough battle with his Pendulum Summons sealed away. Even though he attempts to drive Sawatari to a corner with his new methods, on the other hand an all-out attack against him begins…!?

This week’s Yuya: Head-on showdown with Sawatari’s “Yousenjyuu” Deck!!

Clash between Yuya’s Entertainment deck and Sawatari’s Yousenjyuu deck! The Pendulum showdown between the two drives the whole audience into hysteria. And then, the ending of this duel finally comes!!

Source: NeoArkCradle


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