Confirmation of Episode 32-34 Titles and Summaries

Previously, I reported on the episode titles and details of Episode 32-34 of the ARC-V anime, and today it’s finally confirmed with a magazine scan:

Episode 32: “White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show!!”

Yuya has his Pendulum Summons sealed away, and is driven to a corner. The clash between Yuya’s Entertainment deck and Sawatari’s Yousenjyuu deck is certainly an entertaining duel. The showdown between the Pendulum users causes a frenzy among the audience.

Episode 33: “Future Metropolis Heartland”

The heated battles continue in the Maiami Championship. Next up facing Sora is the mysterious Xyz user Kurosaki Shun. Kurosaki is quite shaken when he learnt that the chosen Action Field was “Future Metropolis Heartland”. On the other hand, Sora duels Shun in his usual self.

Episode 34: “Chimeric Beast VS The Evolving Falcon”

Sora has all his monsters destroyed by Kurosaki Shun’s “Rise Falcon”. Even though he summons an all-new Fusion Monster and starts a fierce attack with it, Shun’s strategies are still one step ahead of him. Sora could not hide his anxious feelings, however…

Scriptwriters –

Episode 32: 広田光毅 (Hirota Mitsutaka)

Episode 33: 上代 務 (Kamishiro Tsutomu)

Episode 34: 上代 務 (Kamishiro Tsutomu)

Animation Directors –

Episode 32: 川村裕哉 (Yuya Kawamura)

Episode 33: 豊田暁子 (Akiko Toyoda)

Episode 34: 蛯名秀和 (Hidekazu Ebina)

Also, no episode for 7th December confirmed. 

Source: NeoArkCradle


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