Hints from Interview with Director of ARC-V Anime

This is reposted from a user in the Baidu forums based in China, who in fact reposted the same information from another Twitter user who had access to the magazine Otomedia recently. In Otomedia, an interview was conducted with the director of the ARC-V anime – Ono Katsumi, and he dropped a number of small hints about the characters of the show as well as a duel that is coming up soon: (Spoiler Alert!)

在推特上看到的,其中透露的有几点:1. 零罗性别确认(男),比较怕人,憧憬着社长;2. 社长果然是个好哥哥(如果是零罗做的原创卡片的话就会很高兴的接受之类的);3. 34话是空中战(隼爷不说,素良你有可以飞的怪兽吗?)

Basically 3 points can be known from the post above:

  1. Akaba Reira, Reiji’s sibling, is a male. He’s shy, but looks up a lot to his big brother.
  2. Reiji is a very good elder brother. For instance, if Reira makes a card himself, Reiji would happily accept it. (Reminds you of another sibling duo?)
  3. The next duel in the Tournament – Kurosaki Shun vs Shun’in Sora, is a sky battle.

UPDATE: 11/11

There is now concrete evidence for point 3. Episode 34 of the two-part duel will be a sky battle. Magazine scan courtesy of BBS Newwise.


Source: Baidu (http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3402108370)


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