Card of the Week – Stardust Dragon

While perhaps biased, I chose Stardust Dragon as this week’s featured card because of two reasons: 1. because Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s is my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh anime series out of all so far (disclaimer: personal opinion); 2. because this is in my view the most awesome Synchro Monster (again, personal opinion).

Stardust Dragon is the ace monster of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s protagonist Yusei Fudo and one of the five legendary Signer Dragons. As the main hero’s featured card, Stardust Dragon boasts an attack of 2500 and a defense of 2000, humble numbers for a Level 8 Synchro Monster that require 1 Tuner and at least 1 non-Tuner monsters to bring out. But the awesomeness of Stardust Dragon lies not in its stats but it’s effect.

Appropriately named Victim Sanctuary in the original anime, this monster can be released to negate and destroy a card effect that destroys at least 1 card on the Field. During the End Phase, it returns back to your Field as if nothing happened, assuming you summoned it properly and not with something like Starlight Road. At the point this card was released in the OCG, this was a big effect. A lot of frequently-used cards at that time had effects that destroy, and there were essentially few generic counters against these cards. The one that was used most often was Stardust Dragon. While the cost to Release itself can be a bit of a drawback because it could leave your Field wide open during the opponent’s turn and potentially resulting in being OTK’ed, but in other circumstances it returns to your Field at the End Phase, which allows you to use the effect again and again while also having a 2500-ATK beater.

Now, many people would have noticed that this card has seen much less play in the environment nowadays with more cards coming out that, for instance, banish cards rather than destroy, or return cards to hand. But personally, I still find this a useful card, especially in Synchro-oriented decks that can bring it out fast. The card is a perfect counter against generics like Dark Hole or Raigeki, both of which are running rampant in the TCG environment, or even archetypal cards like Shaddoll Squamata.

Before I end this article, should I mention as well that the artwork design of this card is great in my opinion? The white-blue, elegant dragon blends well with the starry sky in the background and I personally like the artwork so much, I even dedicated one whole page of my binder just for copies of this card in different rarities! Anyway, thanks for reading this article and until next week!


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