V Jump News (Nov 2014) – Tag Force Special Edition Related

V Jump Books “Tag Force Special” Guide Book Sale Confirmed!! (Price undecided)

Promotional card is “Harpie Harpist” (Lv. 4/WIND)

Effect would be revealed next V Jump!!

Pharaoh: “I activate my Spell Card! Lightforce Sword!”

Manjoume Jun 
A reborn duelist who dropped out of the Elite Course, but still continue to endeavor!!

Seto Kaiba
The young CEO who loves using his “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”. Yugi’s rival who engages in fierce battles with him.

Marufushi Ryou
A duelist who prides himself on his “Cyber Dragons”.

Jounouchi Katsuya
Mutou Yugi’s best friend, and a duelist who believes he can overcome all obstacles by endeavoring!!

Gongenzaka Noboru

Kamishirou Ryuuga

Jack Atlas

Shiunin Sora

Tenjou Kaito

Crow Hogan

TFSP SCOOP!! 1 – Covers cards till the latest Structure Deck “Synchron Extreme”!!
You can use the cards from the latest SD, such as “Stardust Warrior” and “Accel Synchron”!!

TFSP SCOOP!! 2 – Purchase early and receive special promotional items!!

TFSP SCOOP!! 2 – Purchase early and receive special promotional items!!
How to get the “Special Early Purchase Items”:

1. Go into the software’s “Menu” section.
2. Download the “Special Early Purchase Items” pack.

You can download this pack within 1 month of the game’s official release, and these are cards that you can use in-game.

Things you can continue from TF6:

Player’s Name: You can continue using your character’s name from TF6.
User Recipe: You can move your Deck Recipes from TF6 to TFSP.
DP Bonus: DP from your TF6 data can be transferred to TFSP.
Cards: Cards you collected in TF6 can be transferred to TFSP! (but the number of copies become 1)

Tag Force Special to be on sale during the Winter season, for 3000 yen.

Sources: Maxut, BBS Newwise


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