Card of the Week: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

Note: This article may contain some spoilers, albeit minor ones, for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime series. More specifically, Episode 7. If you haven’t watch the episode yet < why???  😦 >, then please skip to the third paragraph of this article. 

The past four CotW articles were spent on older cards, so now it’s probably time to move on to the more recent cards. And speaking of “recent”, I’m sure quite a number of people would think of Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, one of the latest Xyz Monsters in the game.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime series, this monster is the ace monster of the mysterious character Yuuto. And just like how Yuuto bears a striking resemblance to Sakaki Yuya, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon also shares a number of similarities with Yuya’s Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: its name follows the format <description> <summoning method> Dragon, they both have the same attack and defense stats, and they both have nearly the same design except for the color schemes. It is also probably the key monster that influenced much of the plot of the anime: its first and only appearance so far in Episode 7 was what directly drove the events afterwards.

And just like its card design and summoning sequence in the anime, effect-wise I personally think that this is a very amazing Xyz monster. By detaching 2 Xyz Materials from it, it gains half the attack of one face-up monster your opponent controls and your opponent’s monster loses the same amount. Unless your opponent’s boss monster cannot be targeted or is unaffected by monster effects (such as Apoqliphort Towers), this effect means that Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon can run over every single one of them. What’s more, the attack boost is permanent, meaning that your opponent would have better luck trying to defeat this through a Raigeki or Mirror Force once its effect hits.

Another thing worth noting about this card is how generic it is. Requiring only 2 Level 4 monsters as its Xyz Materials, this card can be splashed into almost any Deck in the game, alongside the other most commonly used Rank 4s. While Xyz Monsters like Number 101: Silent Honor ARK can be used to remove Special Summoned monsters only, like I mentioned above, this monster can overcome almost every monster in this game. Who knows, one day you might face a Tribute Summoned Blue-Eyes and this card will definitely come in handy.

Although some might argue the similarities of this card’s effect with Number 96: Dark Mist, I would say the latter is not nearly as generic as this card is. Number 96 would see more play in decks with a good supply of Level 2s, such as Raccoons or a Stall deck with Nimble Momonga, while this card is definitely more useful in more decks since almost every deck has access to Level 4s nowadays. Furthermore, Number 96 only activates its effects during battles, making it somehow a little less flexible than this card.

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon is in my opinion, one of the better-designed cards of this ARC-V era, and its interesting to see what other doppelgangers Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon would have other than this one in the anime.


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