TCG News: Secrets of Eternity (SECE) World Premiere Cards and Sneak Preview Mat

A sneak preview mat has been unveiled for the new booster pack, together with new world premiere cards:

SECE-EN081 Trap Card
SECE-EN082 Effect Monster
SECE-EN083 Effect Monster
SECE-EN084 Effect Monster
SECE-EN085 Ritual Monster
SECE-EN086 Spell Card
SECE-EN087 Effect Monster
SECE-EN088 Effect Monster
SECE-EN089 Spell Card
SECE-EN090 Effect Monster
SECE-EN091 Effect Monster
SECE-EN092 Effect Monster
SECE-EN093 Effect Monster
SECE-EN094 Effect Monster
SECE-EN095 Effect Monster
SECE-EN096 Effect Monster
SECE-EN097 Spell Card
SECE-EN098 Spell Card
SECE-EN099 Trap Card

SECE-EN0(00?) Dragoons of Draconia

Lv. 4/FIRE/Beast Warrior-Type/Pendulum
Red/Blue Scales: 2
ATK /DEF 200?

Source: NeoArkCradle, Wikia, Konami Website


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