Important Announcement: Blogging Schedule and Co-Blogger

Hi guys, spookystardust here. Three important announcements here:

1. I apologize yesterday for being unable to update the blog with the latest Card of the Week. This is because I’m currently having my final examinations, which would end next Tuesday, the 9th of December. As a result, I couldn’t take out enough time to write articles this entire week.

Therefore, this week’s Card remains as Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. At the same time, all of my regular blogging would have to be stopped until my exams end. News articles, however, would remain as per normal, being updated as soon as possible.

2. Post-exams, I would be pretty much free for four whole months until April next year, when I graduate from my current Japanese Language school and enter a new university. There are so many Yu-Gi-Oh-related things I wish to do with this blog once my examinations end, and so here would be the new regular blogging schedule:

New Schedule would take effect Monday, 15th December 2014.

Sunday night: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode Review
– In which I would review on the newest episode of the anime that comes out that very evening

Monday: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Old Episode Review 
– Starting from Episode 1, I would do a review of every single episode of the anime that I couldn’t do before this blog was created, all the way till Episode 29.

Tuesday: Japanese in Yu-Gi-Oh! 101
– Like the one in the old schedule, this introduces a number of Yu-Gi-Oh-related terminology and sentence patterns in Japanese.

Wednesday: Card of the Week

Thursday: Fun Combos
– New series in which I introduce a fun-to-play card combo every week.

Friday/Saturday: Opinion Column

Occasionally: Playing for Fun, Pack Openings

Whenever a New Booster Pack Comes Out: Booster Pack Review 

To be Announced: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s/Zexal Episode Review

3. Calling for co-writer of this blog!

I realized that although I would be able to handle everything from news to blog writing within the four months once my exams end, it is not a long-term solution and eventually I would need someone to help me update this blog together. While this is sadly only voluntary work (i.e. there’s no material returns involved), I assure that this would definitely be a very fulfilling experience and also a good opportunity to hone one’s writing skills.

Temporarily, I would require the help of one co-writer, with the possibility of more in the future. The biggest privilege of this co-writer is that he/she would be the co-owner of this blog as well, with access to all articles for editing. However, should I decide that I would upgrade from this free WordPress account to a paying account in the future, the co-writer do not have to pay the yearly subscription fee to WordPress, as I would pay for the entire thing instead.

The tasks of the co-writer:

  • Update any Yu-Gi-Oh related news articles (anime or card game) as soon as possible. While I would also be doing the updating, there are times that I couldn’t do so because of important matters or simply time zone differences and therefore the co-writer would update for me instead.
  • Regular blogging. You can create your own series of articles (related to Yu-Gi-Oh) or simply contribute to any of the series that I’ve been writing so far.
    • (Optional) Better yet if you also watch the anime and is fine to the idea of doing a discussion article which could be part of the weekly episode review!
  • (Optional) Translations of stuff into English, such as the Japanese effects of new cards or new episode trailers.

Some of the requirements of the co-writer:

  1. Have an okay or good command of English and is comfortable to writing medium or long articles. It is fine if you occasionally make grammatical mistakes so long as the meaning of what you say is understandable.
  2. Is comfortable to the idea of cooperating as a pair or even work in a group in the future.
  3. Have an email address. It’s not necessary to currently own a WordPress account.
  4. Have a keen interest with Yu-Gi-Oh and would like to contribute to the fan community.
  5. Regularly views Yu-Gi-Oh news sites and is aware of the latest happenings in the community.

Some bonus points, but NOT NECESSARY for the co-writer:

  1. Able to read in at least 1 foreign language, especially Japanese, and translating to English.
  2. Can draw fan art, create fan videos or write fan fiction related to Yu-Gi-Oh.

If you are interested in joining this blog, do write an email to me at, answering the following questions, or just leave a comment down below!

Q1. What is your nickname?
Q2. Your email? (you do not have to answer this question if you are sending me an email)
Q3. What is your country and time zone?
Q4. When are you free to update the site with news articles or write blog posts?
Q5. Which news sites are you currently reading to obtain the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! news (e.g. The Organization, Shriek, Maxut etc)? The Konami official website and any forums count too.
Q6. Why do you want to join as the co-writer of this blog?
Q7. Are you currently writing a blog/news site as well; AND/OR have past experience doing so?
Q8. Other than English, can you read and translate in any other language(s) too?
Q9. Are you currently part of any Yu-Gi-Oh related forums (English or non-English), e.g. NAC, Pojo, BBS Newwise etc?
Q10. Any other additional points. (e.g. could draw fan art etc)

Deadline: 31st January 2015 

Please do send in your applications and thank you guys as always for the great support!


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