Anime Previews: ARC-V Episodes 35-37 Summaries

Episode 35: The Academia and the Resistance
14th December 2014
Sora, who was defeated at the hands of Kurosaki Shun and undergoing treatment, escapes from the medical ward, and crosses paths with Yuuto in a duel. Yuya finds out that Sora has disappeared and starts to search for him. Later, Yuya finds out that Yuuto and Sora are dueling and tries to stop the duel, but…
Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu/Animation Director: Kokai Yuuji

Episode 36: The Resonating Dragons
21st December 2014
Yuya, who couldn’t stop the duel between Yuuto and Sora, decides to dive into the duel himself. And then, out of the blue, Yuya’s “Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon” and Yuuto’s “Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon” starts to resonate with each other. On the other hand, something unusual happens to Sora who has been confronting Yuuto with his own thoughts…
Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu/Animation Director: ???

Episode 37: The Destiny that Starts Moving
28th December 2014
Sora disappears from the duel field and all that’s left are the three duelists Yuya, Yuuto and the mysterious Yuugo. Yuuto challenges a duel against the “The Agent of the Fusion Side” Yuugo. However, Yuuto finds himself being constantly hunted down by Yuugo who is an expert user of Synchros. Yuya tries to stop the two of them, but…
Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu/Animation Director: ???

No episode due to New Year on 4th January 2015.

Source: NeoArkCradle


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