Card of the Week: Master Hyperion

Hello, guys. It’s been two weeks since the last Card of the Week, and I apologize for last week’s break because of my examinations. Anyway, this week, we will be looking at one of the boss monsters of Fairy-Types – Master Hyperion, which happens to be one of my favorite ace monsters, mostly because I own an Agent Deck myself.

Master Hyperion was first released back in the Structure Deck – Lost Sanctuary along with a good number of Agents new cards and old reprints. At the point of its announcement, no one would have ever thought the small archetype would eventually evolve into one of the biggest game-changers in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh. Since the release of the Structure Deck, Agents have been topping format after format, either with a pure build, or combining it with Plants, or even later on with the Tech Genus archetype. It was only until the placing of this card, Earth, Archlord Kristya and a few other support cards on the Forbidden/Limited list that the deck slowly fades away from its former glory.

One of the things I like the most about the card is the artwork. Inspired by the mythology of Hyperion, the card depicts the aforementioned Greek god in its mighty glory, controlling the entire Solar System planets (representing the Agents) with his own hands, just like how the eight planets revolve around the Sun. Appropriately, the first effect required to summon this card requires banishing one Agent monster from either your hand, Field or Graveyard.

Speaking of its Summoning conditions, this boss monster is an exceptionally easy card to Special Summon. Other than the one written on the card effect, the monster can also be simply summoned with cards like Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen.

The monster also has a beastly effect to go with its great artwork. Once per turn, you can Banish 1 Fairy-type monster from your Graveyard to destroy one card on the Field. You can even use this effect if you have Sanctuary in the Sky. As long as you have resources in your Graveyard (which you can do so by utilizing cards like the three small Herald cards or Herald of Perfection), it enables a strong destruction effect once per turn, allowing you to remove some of the sneaky Spell/Trap Cards that your opponent has set on the Field, or even some of your opponent’s annoying wall monsters.

So, how could we use this card again in this current metagame? First of all, the card has excellent synergy with the Fairy Ritual Deck. Having this card with Herald of Perfection and Saffira, Queen of Dragons means its game over for your opponent, as you will be able to stop any effect your opponent activates just by simply discarding a Fairy-Type monster, then activate the effect of Saffira at the end of the turn, and have free resources for destruction during your turn! This card, together with Agents, could also be combined with the newly released Melodious Divas monsters since they are Fairies as well.

Master Hyperion, the ace monster that stirred the world of Yu-Gi-Oh once, and it’s interesting to see how the card could fare in this current game.


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