New Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie in 2016

The movie would feature Yugi Mutou (who interestingly has no Millennium Puzzle anymore) and Seto Kaiba, and would be released in theaters in 2016.

It would be an original story.

More details set to be released during Jump Festa 2015.

Meanwhile, a countdown timer has started on the official website of the movie which would end during 14th December 2014 JST 10:00 am:

Source: Maxut


One response to “New Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie in 2016

  1. I think that Yugi holding a card with a new card backing is notable.
    I hope this movie will not disappoint me. I don’t think it will, because if it is coming out in 2016, it seems to me that there is a genuine effort being put into it.


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