Opinion: January 2015 OCG Forbidden/Limited List Predictions

It’s that time again – half a month before the current list expires and be replaced with a fresh list for the new season. So before the exact list comes (which would be sometime around next week), let’s do some predictions on what are the new cards that would or should be placed/removed from the list, and why.


  1. While this list may not be suited to everyone’s liking, it is ultimately only my predictions and therefore a personal opinion. However, I do try to maintain as objective as possible throughout this article, not to be biased with any single deck, and thinking from the perspective of Konami who is, after all, the ones who decide the final list.
  2. This are the predictions of the OCG List, and most of the cards mentioned here might not be applicable to the TCG. 

First of all, let me introduce to what I usually like to call the “2-Format Rule”. Ever since the changing of half-a-year formats to quarterly formats, every meta archetype that is being newly released in a certain booster pack is likely to stay in full power for a maximum 2 complete formats. Cards within that new archetype are unlikely to be touched only after 1 complete format, but other non-archetypal support cards used for the deck that the archetype is based upon may be subjected to the treatment at the same time.

From Konami’s perspectives, this is perhaps done because within those 2 complete formats, there is yet another new booster pack that includes expanded archetypal support, which would complete that meta archetype and hitting it only 1 format after it is first released hurts the sales of the new booster pack. On the contrary, placing the non-archetypal support cards helps to boost sales because players would then rely on the expanded archetypal support as a replacement. An example is the Shaddoll archetype. Released in the Duelist Advent booster during the April 2014 format, the key cards within that archetype such as the Fusion Monsters and Sinister Shadow Games were only placed on the list in the October 2014 list. However, non-archetypal support like Needlebug Nest and Armageddon Knight were Limited in July 2014 instead.

So, applying this 2-Format Rule, it’s probably safe to say that the archetype whose cards are likely to be placed on the upcoming Forbidden/Limited List is the Qliphorts. While some would say that Necloths are also probably receiving the treatment as well, I personally believe that only the non-archetypal support for that deck would be touched, since they are only released in October this year in the Tribe Force pack with the pack even getting an Unlimited Edition reprint last weekends!

On the other hand, with the release of Structure Deck 28: Synchron Extreme lately and the cover card of the upcoming Crossover Souls booster pack in Valentine’s Day being rumored to be a Synchro Monster, I speculate that Konami might be trying to push for more Synchro Decks in the next format. A number of Synchro support cards might see themselves being released from the Forbidden/Limited realm.

Like Cyber Stein or Dark Strike Fighter, a number of cards who have been Forbidden for long might be promoted to Limited or even higher status as well, seeing as how they are unlikely to cause an impact in the current metagame.

In any case, here are my personal predictions for the upcoming OCG January 2015 Forbidden/Limited List:




– Qliphort Scout: This card runs every single Qliphort deck. With a strong Pendulum Effect that searches for any Qli card in the Deck and high potential to be searched itself on Turn 1 using cards like Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon or Summoner’s Art, this card is itself essentially like a victory sealer for Qliphort players and it shouldn’t be a surprise that this cards would be Limited in the upcoming list.

– Skill Drain: Again, one of the big papas that run Qliphort decks. This card not only benefit Qliphort players as its effect allows non-Tribute Summoned Qliphort monsters to regain their full strength, it is lethal to almost all other decks in the game which rely entirely on Effect Monsters.

– Vanity’s Emptiness: Probably one of the most used cards this format and the card that players like to call “noygo4u” (No Yu-Gi-Oh! for you). With this card, almost all decks cannot function in this metagame as they depend heavily on Special Summons. It is a very unhealthy card for the game and there is a high chance that Konami would just Limit the card this coming format.

– Thousand-Eyes Restrict: Would this card even see play in this format?

– Dark Magician of Chaos: With the Glory of the Duelist pack coming up in January and this card almost certain to receive a reprint, Konami could just easily unban this card to boost the sales of the pack.

– Preparation of Rites: One of the key support cards of the Necloths, there’s a possibility that Konami could Limit this card just to hit the archetype a little.

– Masked HERO Dark Law: While Limiting Shadow Mist would be too much of a cripple to the HERO deck, Dark Law is an ideal candidate to be Limited while not compromising the playability.

– Glow-Up Bulb
– Goyo Guardian

Both of these cards have a possibility of getting reprinted in the upcoming The Rarity Collection, and with that an unban would also come. Even if they are not reprinted, I could see Konami allowing these cards to 1 copy per deck each just to promote Synchros.


– Formula Synchron: The card will be reprinted in the coming The Rarity Collection set, and I would be really, really surprised if this card does not go from Limited to Semi-Limited in the next list.

– Saqlifice: Another major searcher card for the Qliphorts, Semi-Limiting it seems a good way to go about reducing the strength of the Deck without hurting it completely, since Qliphort Tool is very likely to become Limited.

– Mathematician: Another of the most used cards this format. With two great effects, comes great possibility of being put on the list.

– Super Polymerization: Probably the last of Shaddoll support cards to be placed on the list before Konami moves on to other archetypes.

– Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands: This is one of the reasons along with Preparation of Rites why Necloths have become such a powerful deck in this game. Semi-Limiting this card along with Limiting PoR would hopefully slow down the deck a little.


– Blackwind – Gale the Whirlwind
– T.G. Striker

Two Tuners that Konami might just Unlimit for the sake of pushing Synchros in the next format.

– Monster Gate: With the Infernoids not doing too well in the metagame this format, I could see Konami Unlimiting this card just to sell more Secrets of Evolution booster packs.

And these are my personal picks for the upcoming Forbidden/Limited List in the OCG! Thank you for your time reading this article. Do let me know what you think of these predictions and what do you personally predict for this list? Please comment below!


3 responses to “Opinion: January 2015 OCG Forbidden/Limited List Predictions

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  2. well, IMO for qli the one that will be limited will be the equip, because the equip is the one that make the Qli become really dangerous (while the tools is also very dangerous, the tools is so much easier to counter than that damn equip). limiting the equip will also slowing Qli OTK, and reducing their consistent adder

    and with that, the Tool will get semi limited. For vanity, maybe it wont get hitted that soon, they are reprinted in rarity collection, maybe will get semi limited.

    for the others, i agree with you :))


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