Card of the Week – Magical Merchant

Today we would be looking at perhaps one of the most fun Flip Monsters to play in this game in my opinion – Magical Merchant. Puny and seemingly weak with only 200 ATK, this little insect packs a powerful effect by itself: when it is flipped face-up, you can excavate cards from the top of the Deck until you reach a Spell/Trap Card. You then add that Spell/Trap to your hand and send everything else you excavated to the Graveyard.

While this effect may not seem significant in most of the Decks in the metagame nowadays, since these Decks are usually composed of half Spells and Traps, it is very useful in this little casual Deck known as Sephylon Merchant Monster Mash, a personal favorite of mine.

A Monster Mash deck, for your information, is almost entirely composed of Monster Cards with only a few (usually about 3) staple Spells and Traps, usually stuff like Treacherous Trap Hole, Heavy Storm (back in the days when it was still unbanned) or Monster Reborn. The Sephylon Merchant build is one of them, with two of its key cards being of course Magical Merchant as well as Sephylon the Ultimate Time Lord.

What this Deck does, is to set Magical Merchant when you draw it, flip it the next turn, then send, usually 10 or more monster cards to the Graveyard with its own effect until you obtain Monster Reincarnation. Usually, Sephylon will then be in the Graveyard and that’s why you use Monster Reincarnation to get it back to your hand. You then Special Summon Sephylon with its own effect and use it to revive another Fairy-Type in your Graveyard, make it 4000 ATK, and go for a One Turn Kill with it. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Other than Monster Mash decks, Magical Merchant’s milling effect can also be very useful in a number of other Decks as well. Certain Lightsworn players love this card because it helps to mill Lightsworn monsters to the Graveyard, which could usually trigger their effects or fulfill the Summoning conditions of Judgment Dragon. Aside from Lightsworns, this card could also be used in Shaddolls as milling Shaddoll monsters could trigger their effects too. It is also possible to use this card in a Chimeratech Overdragon OTK deck as it could help send Machine-Type monsters to the Graveyard before activating Overload Fusion.

Though tiny, Magical Merchant is indeed a force to be reckoned with, won’t you agree?


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