OCG The Rarity Collection Full Spoiler List

TRC1-JP000 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Original Illustration) (Holographic Rare)
TRC1-JP001 Dark Magician (Original Illustration) (Extra Secret Rare)
TRC1-JP002 Monster Reborn (Ultimate Rare)
TRC1-JP003 Elemental HERO Neos (Extra Secret Rare)
TRC1-JP004 Super Polymerization (Ultimate Rare)
TRC1-JP005 Stardust Dragon (Extra Secret Rare)
TRC1-JP006 Starlight Road (Ultimate Rare)
TRC1-JP007 Number 39 – Utopia (Extra Secret Rare)
TRC1-JP008 Rank-Up Magic – Astral Force (Ultimate Rare)
TRC1-JP009 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (Extra Secret Rare)
TRC1-JP010 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP011 Debris Dragon (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP012 Elemental HERO Prisma (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP013 Summoner’s Monk (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP014 Archlord Kristya (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP015 Darklord Asmodia (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP016 Darklord Superbia (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP017 Infernity Demon (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP018 Tour Guide to the Underworld (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP019 Mezuki (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP020 Rescue Rabbit (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP021 Coach Soldier Wolfbark (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP022 Felis, Lightsworn Archer (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP023 Dark Simorgh (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP024 Crane Crane (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP025 Masked Chameleon (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP026 Maxx “C” (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP027 Thunder Seahorse (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP028 Cyber End Dragon (Dark Version) (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP029 Naturia Exterio (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP030 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP031 Dragunity Knight Vadjyarana (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP032 Naturia Barkion (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP033 Crimson Blader (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP034 T.G. Hyper Librarian (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP035 Formula Synchron (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP036 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP037 Gagaga Cowboy (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP038 Lavalval Chain (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP039 Levair the Sea Dragon (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP040 Summoner’s Art (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP041 Instant Fusion (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP042 Allure of Darkness (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP043 Book of Moon (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP044 Fire Fist Formation – Tenki (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP045 Breakthrough Skill (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP046 Compulsory Evacuation Device (Ultra Rare)
TRC1-JP047 Vanity’s Emptiness (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP048 Fiendish Chain (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP049 Anti-Spell Fragrance (Super Rare)
TRC1-JP050 The Selection (Super Rare)

*Note: Ultimate Rare cards are also available in Collector’s Rare version, whereas Ultra and Super Rare cards are also available in Secret Rare and Collector’s Rare versions.

Source: Maxut


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