ARC-V Anime News: Yuugo and the Professor Concept Arts

Concept Arts of new characters “Yuugo” and “Professor” in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V revealed! Furthermore, it is decided that Takagi Shinpei is the VA of Yuugo!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime series airs every Sunday JST 5:30 pm on the TV Tokyo station.

Before this, it has already been announced that the new character shrouded in mysteries “Professor” would be voiced by Namikawa Daisuke and would debut in Episode 36 set to be aired on 21st December 2014. Now, concept arts for the character has been unveiled!

Furthermore, debuting in the same episode is the character Yuugo, and he would be played by Takagi Shinpei, who is attempting anime voice acting for the first time! Alongside with his comments, let’s introduce the concept art of Yuugo!

♦ Presenting the concept art of “Professor” for the first time!

• Professor (VA: Namikawa Daisuke)
“Professor” debuts in Episode 36 to be aired on 21st December 2014. Actively working behind the scenes in the “Fusion Dimension”, his motives are…!?

♦ New character “Yuugo” is set to be voiced by Takagi Shinpei!

• Yuugo (VA: Takagi Shinpei)
The mysterious Duelist riding on a motorcycle – “Yuugo”. Resembling the main character of the show Yuuya, how would he cause an impact to the storyline from now on? Please look forward to it!

♦ Comments from Takagi Shinpei

Q: This is the first time you’ve attempted voice dubbing. How was the experience?
Takagi Shinpei (voice of Yuugo, Takagi for all questions below): I truly felt the profundity of voice dubbing. It was difficult, utilizing only your voice to express the emotions as well as feelings of your character. While I continued performing in my own way, it began to feel great. Indeed it (dubbing) is profound. Through this, I’m able to learn a new way of performance every day that is completely different from stage work or acting in shows! When I started dubbing, I felt rather sensitive to my own voice. However, it was more fun than any other things. As I stand in front of the microphone, I feel energized!

Q: Is there a message you wish to dedicate to your audience?
Takagi: I’m Takagi Shinpei, voice for Yuugo. It’s an honor being able to participate in such a great work like “Yu-Gi-Oh!” that is being loved by fans all around the world. This is my first time experiencing the world of dubbing… but!! I love “Yu-Gi-Oh!” from the bottom of my heart, and I’m giving my best to play the character of Yuugo! I do hope I would be able to play more roles in works that I love in the future!!! Please do continue your support!!!!



5 responses to “ARC-V Anime News: Yuugo and the Professor Concept Arts

  1. Finally, a candidate for a big bad in appearance. I wonder…is his silhouette in the opening?
    And should I cut myself off from all pre-release stuff proper? I’m toying with the idea now…it would certainly preserve the drama.


    • Depends. I mean, this kind of concept arts and interviews with cast don’t really count as spoilers in my opinion. Trust me, you won’t go “ah, darn it. I saw the face of the Professor before” when you watch Episode 36, haha.


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