OCG: Duelist Entry Deck VS

From the Organization:

New starter product for the OCG.

Duelist Entry Deck VS, on sale March 21st for 1500 yen


-2 New Special Promos that are Extra Secret Rare
-2 Decks of 40 cards, every card in the decks are reprints, and some of them are in Parallel Rare rarity
-1 Simple Entry Guide
-2 Paper Duel Fields (different designs)
-1 Rulebook

-The central concept of this new product is for you to buy the deck and learn the rules simply by playing!
-The decks contain simple and easy to understand cards, as well as easy to recognize Key Cards!
-The Simple Entry Guide contains tips and basic rules that can help you get started on Dueling right away!

Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/maxut/archives/41972376.html


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