TCG News: U.A. Spell Card and Other Leaks for SECE Set

U.A. Tacticas para Ganar (U.A. Winning Tactics)
Quick-Play Spell Card
If you control 2 or more “U.A.” monsters with different names: shuffle as many monsters on the field as possible into the Deck, then Special Summon from your Deck a number of “U.A.” monsters with different names up to the number of cards shuffled into your Main Deck, but they cannot attack this turn. Then, your opponent can Special Summon, from their Deck, as many monsters as the amount of cards shuffled into their Main Deck. You can only activate 1 “U.A. Winning Tactics” per turn.

Also, according to NeoArkadia from The Organization:

Clarifications for Good & Evil in the Burning Abyss

– It’s 6 or more Levels
– Sending the Burning Abyss monster from the hand to the Graveyard is a cost
– It can only add Burning Abyss monsters.

The new Jinzo is a Super Rare

Caius the Mega Monarch is Ultra Rare

The Level 4 Trap Card that draws 2 card is a Secret Rare

Source: The Organization


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