ARC-V Episode 37 Review

Episode 37: The Destiny That Starts Moving

And so it comes down to this. The last episode of the year. What a way to end it: with Yuugo vs Yuuto, riding duel vs standing duel! 

Following the Synchro Dimension’s Yuugo appearing at the very end of last episode, he immediately challenges the Xyz Dimension’s Yuuto to a duel. A hot-blooded, intense duel ensues, with both duelists exchanging attacks and clashing their dragon aces with each other.

I love the duel. First of all, the incorporation of D-Wheels into normal standing duels is the biggest takeaway from this episode. It allows the duel to be more dynamic and action-packed. The various motorcycle stunts Yuugo performs while dueling are beautifully animated this episode and I could not have asked for more of the awesomeness. Props to Yuuto as well, for being able to hold your breath running about the field chasing after Yuugo’s motorcycle.

Without spoiling too much, this is also a very well-written duel in my opinion. The pacing is exactly what I would expect from a top-notch duel in a Yu-Gi-Oh anime. Both the duelists in this episode started off with small plays, summoning their lower-ranked monsters with their respective summoning methods that they expertise at, boosting them up with various monsters effects, spells and trap cards. Then, as the episode hits a climax, both of them summons their dragon aces and begin a short but impacting clash with each other.

While Yuya is nothing more than just a character one can simply ignore, the spotlights fall on Yuuto and Yuugo this episode. The interaction between them is just terrific, and this is probably due to the fact that their voice actors are the Takagi twin brothers. The casting director of the series has indeed done a great job hiring them to voice Yuya’s two doppelgangers. After all, twins raised together have been proven to be great in terms of bonding between each other.

Yet another plus point of this episode comes from the character introduction of Yuugo. The screenwriter of this episode does an excellent job highlighting the personality of the new character, through his tone, choice of words and language. Yuugo does seem like a delinquent but at the same time a character who has also been badly misunderstood by Yuuto and Shun. There is a certain roughness to his personality that makes him a unique character. He’s loud, hot-headed and employs the frequent use of vulgar Japanese, yet some of his speeches also hint at part of his probably sad backstory.

However, with all its praises, yet this episode is not without its flaws. Most of the flaws come from one particular scene at the end of the duel. It is supposed to be tear-jerking, but the emotional level is brought down as a result of cheesy dialogue, awkward background music and really bad direction. It would be spoilers trying to analyze this scene further, so I would leave it for you guys to watch it yourself.

Albeit a little disappointing at the end, this is still a good episode and a well-deserved closure to this year. Next episode seems to mark the start of the second act of the plotline, with the major, plot-related characters generally being established and the world building being explained eventually.


Animation: 8/10

Sound: 8/10

Duel Choreography: 9/10

Script: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


Episode 38: The Four Dimensions! Until then!


2 responses to “ARC-V Episode 37 Review

  1. Yeah, I was holding back emotions at the end there and I enjoyed the song. It seemed less of a death song and more a “nothing will ever be the same again” song. Boy was I right on that count…


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