The Top 3 Defining Cards of 2014

Today is the last day of 2014, so as we say goodbye to this year and welcome the new year of 2015, why not countdown the top 3 cards that define the year of Yu-Gi-Oh? By defining, it means that when one mentions of the year 2014, the response is likely to be these three cards. These cards may not be released in the year 2014 itself, however they are likely to have seen a lot more play in the metagame this year as compared to all other years before.

Anyway, let’s start with the number 3 on this list!

3. Shaddoll Fusion

2014 is the year in which we bade goodbye to the dominance of Xyz Summons in the game and welcome a whole new era in which all types of summoning methods have the potential to shine in the metagame. Shaddoll Fusion, as the center card of the powerful Shaddoll archetype, marks the return of heavy-hitting Fusion decks to the game. First released in the OCG in the The Duelist Advent pack in April this year and in the TCG in the Duelist Alliance pack a few months later, Shaddoll builds and variants went on to sweep the local tournaments and this card is definitely one of the core reasons why. Not only it is able to bring out really powerful Fusion Monsters such as El-Shaddoll Winda or Construct, it can be recycled back to the hand should any of these El-Shaddoll Fusion Monsters go to the Graveyard, allowing you to easily make a comeback next turn.

2. Vanity’s Emptiness

First released in the Starstrike Blast booster pack way back in the year of 2010, this card did not see a huge rise in play until this year. Apparently its “contribution” to the game resulted in it being reprinted a total of 3 times this year: once for the TCG in the Legendary Collection 5D’s, and twice in the OCG in The Rarity Collection and Gold Series 2014. Previously only a popular side-deck choice, players start to move this card to the main deck in the later half of 2014, and this is especially prevalent in Qliphort decks as well as to counter against decks such as Yang Zings or the Necloths. It is for these reasons that I’ve chose to place this card as second of the 3 defining cards of 2014.

1. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

This has to be the most defining card of the year. I mean, what is more defining than: 1. the signature ace card of the main protagonist of the new Yu-Gi-Oh anime series; and 2. the signature card for the brand new Pendulum Summon mechanic? Aside from its representation of both the anime and the summoning mechanic, this is also a very commonly used card in many Pendulum decks, especially in the Qliphorts. For these reasons, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon wins the throne for the most defining card of 2014.

That’s all for my picks of the top 3 defining cards of 2014. I hope you all guys enjoyed it, and I would like to also thank you all for such a wonderful year. See you in 2015!


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  1. Yeah, I agree. Those are some pretty defining cards. Admittedly, I didn’t even think of Odd-Eyes. Hopefully he can shine as intended in the future. 

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