Marathon Online Stream of the ARC-V and DM Anime Series

Starting from 9th January onwards, there would be a marathon online stream of both the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime series (Episodes 18-38) and the first season of Duel Monsters (Episodes 1-51) on major online streaming websites in Japan. Of course, these are the original Japanese episodes and they are all free to watch.

Schedule here:

  • SHOWTIME, Video Market, BESTHIT Douga, HAPPY Douga, TSUTAYA TV, TV Dogachi, Motto TV:
    [Ep. 18-27: 1/9-1/15, Ep. 28-36: 1/16-1/23]
  • Hikari TV:
    [Ep. 28-36: 1/16-1/23]
  • GYAO:
    [Ep. 18-36: 1/12-1/19]
  • Nico Nico Douga:
    (ARC-V Anime)
    [Ep. 18-27: 1/20, JST 19:30 onwards
    Ep. 28-38: 1/21, JST 19:30 onwards]

    (Duel Monsters Anime)
    [Ep. 1-12: 1/22, JST 19:30 onwards
    Ep. 13-24: 1/23, JST 19:30 onwards
    Ep. 25-38: 1/24, JST 19:30 onwards
    Ep. 39-51: 1/25, JST 19:30 onwards]

Link to the Nico Nico Douga page is here.

Source: Maxut


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