ARC-V Episode 38 Review

Episode 38: The Four Dimensions

Happy New Year everyone! I’m sorry for the recent lack of updates because of some unexpected out-of-schedule events. In any case, let’s move on to the episode review proper!

The first half of Episode 38 somehow feels like a summary of the previous mini-arc, with all the flashbacks referencing the events in the previous episodes. Unlike all four Yu-Gi-Oh series before it, where these episodes tend to be purely clip shows, the writer of ARC-V has chosen a very smart way of presenting this episode: letting Yuya lose consciousness for two full days after the end of the last episode, and then having Yuzu explaining what happened to him while Yuya also exchanges plot points to her. In this way, this first half of Episode 38 does not feel boring, as new advancements to the plot are being made while it also serves its purpose of being a summary well.

The second half, however, then feels more of an opening to another new story arc. Which is surprisingly fitting given that this episode is also the first episode of the year 2015. Two new characters are introduced, one of them being bound to become Yuya’s opponent in the next round of the Maiami Championship. Yuya also feels abnormalities in his body and we, as the audience, could also see several subtle hints pointing at a possible personality change in the future. A lot of other small foreshadows could also be seen in this second half and I like how the writer of this series does such a great job at providing such hints that make future plot revelations so convincing and logical on retrospect.

Despite the overall serious tone of this episode, a number of good comedic moments can also be found, proving that the screenwriter is capable of balancing drama and humor at the same time. Most of these come from the returning character Houchun Mieru, an obsessive stalker of Yuya. Accompanied with Aoi Yuuki’s (read: Madoka’s VA) excellent voice, this episode sees her doing an array of exaggerated movements that compel one to really laugh out loud.

Possibly another of the greatest points of this episode is also its animation. Noh-Gil Bo, the animation director for Episode 30 (which was the first ever review I wrote on this site) returns to helm this episode, and it proves once again his talent in terms of creating really smooth, well-proportioned animation sequences. Noh-Gil Bo has one of my personal favorite animation styles alongside Ebina Hidekazu in this series, with his exaggerated character movements and thick outlines.

A good episode overall, and it is interesting to see how all these foreshadows in this episode turn out to be in the very end.


Animation: 9/10

Sound: 8/10

Duel Choreography: – (No Duel this episode)

Script: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Episode 39: Awakening of the Gekirin! Until then!


One response to “ARC-V Episode 38 Review

  1. Yeah, that’s a good assessment of the ep (and you do such excellent reviews). I’m honestly just hoping that Yuya will end up using Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon entertainingly to whack Isao.

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