Anime News: ARC-V Episode 41 Magazine Scan

Episode 41: “The Land of Ambitions – Duel Academia
1st February 2015
Serena, a mysterious new girl resembling Yuzu! Her true identity is…?
Serena, the mysterious girl who attacks Xyz users. Despite the fact that she is of a different dimension, Reiji has met her before. Reiji tries to find out the reason behind her coming to this world!?

This week’s Reiji: Facing against an invader from a different dimension!!
Reiji’s father, Akaba Leo, has sent an assassin from a different dimension in order to take back Serena. In order to protect Maiami City, Reiji uses the participants of the championship for his plans!!

Moving on from the magazine scan, we do have another image of the new Serena character from the official anime Twitter account:


One response to “Anime News: ARC-V Episode 41 Magazine Scan

  1. Man, consider me officially confused. And here I was claiming that Leo wasn’t the Professor…I could be looking very silly. 

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