OCG News: New Madolche Xyz, Sephira Cards for CROS

CROS-JP051 is Madolche Puddingcess Choco A La Mode.

CROS-JP029(?): Aesatellarknight Sephiratsuban

Lv. 4/LIGHT/Warrior-Type/Pendulum/Effect
Red/Blue Scales: 1
Pendulum Effect: <Usual Sephira monster wording>
Monster Effect: You can only use the effect of “Aesatellarknight Sephiratsuban” once per turn. (1): If this card is Normal, Flip or Pendulum Summoned, you can target 1 “-tellarknight” or “Sephira” card in your Monster Zone or Pendulum Zone other than this card, and 1 face-up card on your opponent’s side of the Field. Destroy those targets.
ATK 0/DEF 2100

CROS-JP060: Oracle of the Sephira
(Field Spell)
Only 1 “Oracle of the Sephira” can be activated per turn.
(1): When this card is activated, you can add 1 “Sephira” monster from your Deck to your hand.
(2): When you Ritual Summon by Releasing a “Sephira” monster(s), or Special Summon by using a “Sephira” monster(s) as the material(s), you can activate one of the following effects, depending on the type of monster that is Summoned. Each of these effects can only be activated once per turn:
• Ritual: Return 1 monster on the Field to the Deck.
• Fusion: Special Summon 1 monster from your hand.
• Synchro: Select 1 monster from your Deck, and place it on top of your Deck.
• Xyz: Draw 1 card, then if you do discard 1 card.

Divine Attack of the Sephira
(Counter Trap)
(1) When a monster effect or Spell/Trap Card is activated, Banish 1 face-up “Zefra” monster from your Extra Deck. Negate that activation, and if you do destroy it.

Source: Maxut


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