List of CROS-JP Cards

*Note: The set has been completely leaked

When the set has been leaked, translations of cards will follow as soon as possible, which will be separately threaded and linked to this page for easier referencing

Please take note of the Update Log below for the latest news.

Until then, this is only a summary page of all the cards revealed in news, commercials etc.

Update Log:

#1: Created a template for the page
#2: Updated page with all cards revealed thus far (2/7, JST 10:30 am)
#3: Des-Toy, Edge-Imp, Furnimal Cards revealed. Refer to this page for effects: Link (2/10, JST 8 pm)
#4: Clear Wing Synchro Dragon card samples
#5: First leaks have begun: Link (2/11, JST 2 pm)
#6: New Yang Zing Synchro, Magma Dragon (refer to the Link in #5, 2/11, JST 2:30 pm)
#7: New World Premiere Cyber Dragon, Atlantean, Fire King support: Link (2/11, JST 5 pm)
#8: Added rest of cards included in Wave 2 and Wave 3 of the leaks: Wave 2 Link and Wave 3 Link (2/11, JST 8 pm)
#9: Wave 4 Entermates, Yousenjyuu cards: Link (2/11, JST 9 pm)
#10: Rarities added (2/11, JST 9:30 pm)
#11: Final WP Card: Link (2/12, JST 0 am)
#12: Final 4 Normal Rare Cards: Link (2/12, JST 2 pm)
#13: Addition of links to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia is complete.

CROS-JP001 Illusion Gryphon (Normal Rare) 
CROS-JP002 Entermate Hammer Mammoth (Rare)
CROS-JP003 Entermate Ganbatta
CROS-JP004 Entermate Lizardraw
CROS-JP005 Entermate Springoose
CROS-JP006 Superheavy Samurai Big Wara-G
CROS-JP007 Superheavy Samurai Gro-V
CROS-JP008 Superheavy Samurai Tama-C (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP009 Superheavy Samurai Soul Buster Gauntlet
CROS-JP010 Soprano the Melodious Songstress
CROS-JP011 Furnimal Sheep
CROS-JP012 Edge-Imp Saw
CROS-JP013 Edge-Imp Chain
CROS-JP014 Edge-Imp Tomahawk
CROS-JP015 Edge-Imp DT Modoki
CROS-JP016 Raid Raptors – Impale Lainius
CROS-JP017 Raid Raptors – Mimicry Lainius (Rare)
CROS-JP018 Yousenjyuu Kotama
CROS-JP019 Yousenjyuu Ooyamabiko (Rare)
CROS-JP020 Aesatellarknight Sephirathuban
CROS-JP021 Astellarknight Sephirabuth
CROS-JP022 Jesshaddoll – Sephira Naga
CROS-JP023 Ohr-Shaddoll Sephira Roots
CROS-JP024 Sephira Fuxi, the Treasured Yang Zing (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP025 Sephira Qiuniu, the Secret Yang Zing (Rare)
CROS-JP026 Sword Saint of the Necloth – Sephira Saber
CROS-JP027 Sephira Exa the Flame Beast Necloth
CROS-JP028 Sephiram Pilica, the Bold Ritual Beast Tamer
CROS-JP029 Sephira Wendy, the Shadow Ritual Beast Tamer
CROS-JP030 Infernoid Shaitan (Rare)
CROS-JP031 Infernoid Belphegor
CROS-JP032 Infernoid Lilith (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP033 Phantom Rabbit (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP034 Magma Dragon (Rare)
CROS-JP035 Deskbot 004
CROS-JP036 Fiendish Dog Octorius
CROS-JP037 Pudding Squad (Normal Rare)
CROS-JP038 Necloth Sophia (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP039 Schuberta the Melodious Maestra (Rare)
CROS-JP040 Bloom Diva the Floral Melodious Saint (Rare)
CROS-JP041 Des-Toy Wheelsaw Lion (Rare)
CROS-JP042 Des-Toy Chain Sheep
CROS-JP043 Des-Toy Mad Chimaera (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP044 El-Shaddoll Anomalilith (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP045 Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP046 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP047 Chao Feng, Illusion of the Yang Zing (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP048 Raid Raptors – Blaze Falcon (Rare)
CROS-JP049 Raid Raptors – Revolution Falcon (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP050 Planetellarknight Ptolemaios (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP051 Madolche Puddingcess Choco A La Mode (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP052 Entermate Cast Change
CROS-JP053 Fusion Conscription (Rare)
CROS-JP054 Des-Toy Factory
CROS-JP055 Seam Reborn
CROS-JP056 Des-Toy Fusion (Rare)
CROS-JP057 Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force (Rare)
CROS-JP058 Yosen Tornado
CROS-JP059 Sephira Path
CROS-JP060 Oracle of the Sephira (Rare)
CROS-JP061 Sublimating Void (Rare)
CROS-JP062 Galaxy Cyclone (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP063 Resonating Vibration
CROS-JP064 Pendulum Arise
CROS-JP065 Unexpected GUY (Normal Rare)
CROS-JP066 Entermate Pinch Helper
CROS-JP067 Melodious Illusion
CROS-JP068 Furnimal Crane
CROS-JP069 Des-Toy Custom
CROS-JP070 Dizzying Wind of the Yosen Realm
CROS-JP071 The Chosen Crusaders of the Sephira
CROS-JP072 Sephira Divine Attack
CROS-JP073 Rising Void
CROS-JP074 Bottle of Avarice (Rare)
CROS-JP075 Lose a Turn (Rare)
CROS-JP076 Sigh of the Devil
CROS-JP077 Stingray of the Deep Abyss
CROS-JP078 Mud Statue of the Kumonyou
CROS-JP079 Intercepting Bon
CROS-JP080 Re-Dice (Normal Rare)
CROS-JP081 Misura the Thunder Vassal
CROS-JP082 Berlines the Firestorm Vassal
CROS-JP083 Landrobe the Earth Vassal (Rare)
CROS-JP084 Gallum the Storm Vassal (Rare)
CROS-JP085 Rukius the Shadow Vassal
CROS-JP086 Realm of the True Monarch
CROS-JP087 Atlantean Prince Neptuabyss (Rare)
CROS-JP088 Fire King Island
CROS-JP089 Chimeratech Rampage Dragon (Super Rare/Secret Rare)
CROS-JP090 Cyber Dragon Infinity (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Secret Rare)

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