Anime Previews: ARC-V Episodes 43-46


Episode 43: The Marvelous Exchange Student Dennis
15th February
<Omitted due to repetition>
Script: Tamura Ryou/Animation Director: Makiuchi Momoko

Episode 44: Shiunin Sora Storms Forth!!
22th February
Kurosaki Shun eventually finds Yuya in the Ancient Ruins Area. The two of them exchange questions with each other, but suddenly both of them are attacked by the Knight of Duelists, and they are blasted apart to different places.
Script: Tamura Ryou/Animation Director: Satou Michio etc

Episode 45: Destruction and Generation
1st March
While Kurosaki and Sora fight fiercely, Yuya witnessed with his very own eyes the Knight of Duelists being sealed away into cards. Unable to contain his anger anymore, Yuya challenges the Obelisk Force duelists, however…
Script: Tamura Ryou/Animation Director: Ebina HIdekazu

Episode 46: The Rebellious Supreme King Black Dragon
8th March
After Yuya defeated the enemies before him, he still seems to be possessed by something and rampages. Gongenzaka and co. try their best to stop him, do-or-die. On the other hand, Yuzu meets with Serena, and she reveals the tragedy inflicted upon the Xyz Dimension by the Fusion Dimension.
Script: Kamishiro Tsutomu/Animation Director: Toshi Shishikura

Two fun facts in those previews by the way:

1. For Episode 46’s title, the original Japanese wording includes the phrase「覇王」(haou), which, as you guys might have known, is exactly the same phrase used to describe Supreme King Judai back in Season 3 of GX. Whether this is intentional on the writers’ part to reference that series is currently unknown.

2. Episode 45’s title (Destruction and Generation) presents a direct reference to the Wuxing concept, or Five Phases, in Chinese philosophy.

Essentially the Five Phases in this philosophy are the elements: Wood, Earth, Fire, Water, Metal.
Each element in the Five Phases has a relationship to another through either “Mutual Destruction” (相克) or “Mutual Generation” (相生).

In terms of “mutual destruction”:

– Wood parts Earth (such as roots; or, Trees can prevent soil erosion)
– Earth dams (or muddles or absorbs) Water
– Water extinguishes Fire
– Fire melts Metal
– Metal chops Wood

In terms of “mutual generation”:

– Wood feeds Fire
– Fire creates Earth (ash)
– Earth bears Metal
– Metal enriches Water (as in water with minerals is more beneficial to the body than pure water)
– Water nourishes Wood
Further reading on the topic is found on Wikipedia:

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