OCG News: Duelist Entry Deck VS Contents

Monster Reborn, Dark Hole and Mirror Force reprinted.

The deck comes with play mats of Yuya and Saber Dragon as well as Reiji and Pendragon.

VS15-JPS00 Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon (Extra Secret Rare)
VS15-JPS01 Alexandrite Dragon (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS02 Mystical Elf (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS03 Odd-Eyes Dragon (Common Parallel Rare)
VS15-JPS04 Kaiser Glider
VS15-JPS05 Cyber Dragon (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS06 Herald of Creation (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS07 Blade Knight (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS08 Mirage Dragon
VS15-JPS09 Maha Vailo (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS10 DUCKER Mobile Cannon (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS11 Skelengel (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS12 The Calculator
VS15-JPS13 Monster Reborn
VS15-JPS14 Dark Hole
VS15-JPS15 Smashing Ground (Unconfirmed)
VS15-JPS16 Mystical Space Typhoon (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS17 Rush Recklessly (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS18 Poison of the Old Man
VS15-JPS19 Axe of Despair (Unconfirmed)
VS15-JPS20 Malevolent Nuzzler
VS15-JPS21 Mirror Force
VS15-JPS22 Magic Cylinder
VS15-JPS23 Trap Hole (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS24 Dust Tornado (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS25 Pinpoint Guard
VS15-JPS26 Call of the Haunted (2 Copies)
VS15-JPS27 Negate Attack

VS15-JPD00 DDD Pendragon the Supreme Dragon King (Extra Secret Rare)
VS15-JPD01 Fiend of Talwar
VS15-JPD02 Archfiend Soldier
VS15-JPD03 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD04 Gravi-Crush Dragon (Unconfirmed)
VS15-JPD05 Goblin Elite Attack Force (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD06 Axe Dragonute (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD07 Lancer Lindwurm (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD08 Mad Archfiend (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD09 Fabled Ashenveil
VS15-JPD10 Lancer Dragonute (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD11 Theben Nightmare (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD12 Exploder Dragon
VS15-JPD13 Grave Squirmer
VS15-JPD14 Monster Reborn
VS15-JPD15 Dark Hole
VS15-JPD16 Smashing Ground (Unconfirmed)
VS15-JPD17 Mystical Space Typhoon (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD18 Rush Recklessly (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD20 Axe of Despair (Unconfirmed)
VS15-JPD21 Malevolent Nuzzler
VS15-JPD22 Banner of Courage
VS15-JPD23 Mirror Force
VS15-JPD24 Magic Cylinder
VS15-JPD25 Trap Hole (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD26 Dust Tornado (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD27 Mask of Weakness
VS15-JPD28 Call of the Haunted (2 Copies)
VS15-JPD29 Negate Attack

Source: The Organization


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