Anime News: Episode 45 Magazine Scan, Updates and More

Episode 45: Destruction and Generation
Sora vs Kurosaki! The Destined Rematch!!
At the ??? in the Ancient Ruins Area, Kurosaki begins a fierce duel against Sora! Sora, who has been humiliated by his last duel, is determined to defeat Kurosaki once and for all.

This week’s Yuya: Losing control of himself
Yuya witnesses the Knight of Duels members being sealed into cards before his very own eyes. Unable to control his anger, Yuya draws, and finds himself being surrounded by a mysterious light…

These duels will be featured in Episode 45:

Volcano Area: Dennis vs Serena
Ancient Ruins Area: Kurosaki vs Sora

Ancient Ruins Area: Yuya vs Obelisk Force
Yuya: Yuuto’s soul became fused into Yuya’s body. The result, a new power awakens during the duel!
Obelisk Force: Warriors from the Fusion Dimension. Sealing other duelists into cards, they attack Yuya as a group!


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