Blue-Black, or White-Gold?

Apparently only a couple of days ago, one particular dress has caused quite a bit of hullabaloo among the Internet community. Self-proclaimed scientists have been trying to crack the mysteries behind it, news media has deemed it worthy enough as a story to publish the entire furor on their papers, and even family members have fought over it.

You were right, I’m talking about this dress:

(Image credit: Daily Mail UK)

Now, whether this dress is exactly black-and-blue, or white-and-gold, we at Stardust Junction here do not care. However, in the spirit of fun, we would like to propose something else that would probably also result in the Yu-Gi-Oh fan community crazy over it:

The sad truth is that, we Yu-Gi-Oh fans have been deceived for such a long time. This majestic dragon, so treasured by the CEO of Kaiba Corporation, in fact does not have a shred of white scale, nor even bluish irises at all as it name would have suggested! Look carefully. How can one ignore its sleek, golden body, or even those charming, pitch-dark eyes? This is so unfair to Blue… um, I mean, Black-Eyes Gold Dragon

There are definitely people who would insist that this is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and such a decade-long tradition can never be changed. But we would like to proclaim that such a misconception is untrue, and certainly disrespectful to both Blue, I mean, Black-Eyes Gold Dragon, and also CEO Kaiba himself.

Please stop calling this poor creature what it was used to be called, and share it to any Yu-Gi-Oh fan who has this misconception. Black-Eyes Gold Dragon all the way!

(Spooky Stardust’s Note: This article is meant to poke fun at a current social phenomenon and is not to be taken seriously. Should you trust 100% of whatever is said in this article, I suggest an optician.)


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