Anime Previews: ARC-V Episode 47

Episode 47: Yuuri with the Cold Smile
15th March 2015
The Battle Royale in the Maiami Championship continued on. However, many invaders from different dimensions came, throwing the tournament into chaos. Yuya and Yuzu were then each involved in new battles…

In order to prove to Serena the truth, Yuzu tries to approach Kurosaki Shun. However, standing before her way is Yuuri, who received secret orders from Akaba Leo. While escaping from the overwhelming power of Yuuri, Yuzu encounters Yuugo, who resembles Yuya. On the other hand, Sora and Kurosaki’s duel rages on, seemingly without an end. As the duel reaches its climax, yet another new intrusion…

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Hiiragi Yuzu/Serena
Gongenzaka Noboru
Sawatari Shingo
Houchunn Mieru
Mokota Michio
Taryobata Teppei
Sakaki Yushou
Nico Smiley
Akaba Reiji
Shiunin Sora
Kurosaki Shun
Dennis MacField
Assorted Voices


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