Anime News: Interview with Director Ono, Easter Eggs etc

The latest April issue of the Otomedia magazine recently ran a special article on the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime series, with an interview by director Ono Katsumi, as well as a number of other Easter Eggs for the show.

Please do take note, however, that the following may contain spoilers for up to Episode 49 of the show.

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Sawatari Shingo
VA: Yano Shogo
A student of LDS. While he lost in the first round of the Maiami Championship, his Entertainment Duel did, however, brought excitement to the audience.
According to Director Ono, “From Episode 48 onwards, Sawatari’s Deck (that has been changing all along) will be fixed.”

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What Director Ono imagines each character would do as relaxation during springtime:
Sakaki Yuya – Viewing the cherry blossoms and picnicking together with pals from You Show Duel School. He would also climb the cherry blossom trees with the kids and claiming that it is “Duel training”.

Sawatari Shingo – He would probably purchase some famous springtime snacks with his goons (laughs). Rather than loving sweets, Shingo seems to have a liking for famous things instead.

Shiunin Sora – While he is now carrying out his own little scheme of revenge, having fun and sweet stuff are, in the end, what he truly loves. Because of that, he would probably be more concerned about his candy rather than the flowering cherry blossoms.

Gongenzaka Noboru – Probably doing training as usual.

Akaba Reiji – To the ever-busy CEO of the company, spending time slacking is perhaps what he dreads the most. Yet he probably would still spend some time with his little brother Reira.

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4 Highlight Spots In Maiami City
Spot 1: Maiami Second Middle School
Important Characters: Sakaki Yuya, Hiiragi Yuzu, Gongenzaka Noboru
– Outdoors, there’s a wide open space for sporting surrounded by greenery.
– Yuya and Yuzu belong to the same class. Gongenzaka is also of the same Grade…!

Spot 2: You Show Duel School
Important Characters: Sakaki Yuya, Hiiragi Yuzu, Shiunin Sora
– A Duel School named after Yuya’s father. There are balls and metal bats inside there!

Spot 3: Stadium
– Equipped with the latest dueling technology, it is the main event venue for the Maiami Championship.

Spot 4: Leo Duel School/Leo Corporation
Important Characters: Akaba Reiji, Sawatari Shingo, Kurosaki Shun
– A Command Center that analyzes the videos taken from cameras installed throughout the City.
– Leo Corporation and LDS headed by Akaba Reiji are located in the same building.
– The CEO Room where Akaba Reiji works. Located at the top of the Leo Corporation building, it provides a magnificent view of the whole City.

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According to Director Ono Katsumi, Yuya and Sawatari’s relationship goes something like: “Sawatari is quite influenced by Yuya’s Entertainment Duels. I think Yuya might think of Sawatari, who’s copying him (his Entertainment Duels), as both troublesome and fun, and feel that Sawatari is another companion who likes Entertainment Duels as well.” This time, from what’s happening with these two to [other information], we’re introducing this Easter Egg we got from Director Ono ★

This segment is edited from Flesh’s translation in NeoArkCradle.

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Interview with Director Ono Katsumi
Red – Interviewer
Blue – Director Ono

As the Maiami Championship moves into the Battle Royale, it seems that the plot will also be moving in leaps and bounds.
I actually envisioned it as the climatic story arc in the first year of the show, and so a number of unpredictable duels were written into this Battle Royale. During this battle against the duelists from Academia, a rematch between Yuya and Sora would also begin. While Sora does treat Yuya as his friend, however as a member of Academia at the same time, his pride clashes with his friendship with Yuya, causing him to be in a dilemma. Yuya duels him in an attempt to make him smile once more.

How did you come up with this whole story of duelists from four different dimensions crossing paths against each other?
The concept of the 4 Dimensions wasn’t the first idea that came into our minds, but rather a product after many rounds of staff meetings. It’s a story focused on Yuya’s growth as a character and his Entertainment Duels, while he slowly comes into contact with the whole mythology of the four dimensions. By the way, one of the first ideas was actually to have the first episode of the show be based around a duel between Yuuto and Yuugo. However, this idea was later scrapped because we thought that the opener would be too plot-heavy. Hence, we later changed into an opener mainly focused around the concept of Duel Schools.

In the end, it seems that the duel (between Yuuto and Yuugo) was featured in Episode 37. Probably the most impacting event in that single episode was Yuuto disappearing into the light.
Because Yuuto shares Yuya’s ideal that “Duels should be for entertainment and that they should make people happy”, he eventually returned to his senses at the end of the episode. In fact, being a pacifist, Yuuto was actually forced by circumstances to use duels for war. At the end of that episode, as if told by the “Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon”, Yuuto passed the card to Yuya, and conveyed the message of “Make everyone smile with your Duels” to him. As Yuuto goes missing, his companion Kurosaki also starts to waver. Please do look forward to him (Kurosaki) playing a more active part in the show!

Is there any message you wish to tell fans of the show?
With the enemy side gearing into motion, the battles would become fiercer. Episode 49 airing at the end of March will be especially climatic, so please look forward to it. As the story moves into its second year of airing with Episode 50, we have also planned out interesting developments for the plot, as well as unexpected duels that are bound to make your viewing experience fresh and exciting. Of course, we would definitely be glad if fans who have been watching the previous anime series could also give their support for this show!

Character Details:

From Director Ono:
– Yuugo is an interesting character with his own objectives.
– Yuuri is mysterious yet evil, and does not seem to be confined to the rules of Academia, working for it only because he finds it fun.
– Serena is serious-minded, however has zero social skills due to the environment that she grew up in, where she was taught nothing but Duel Monsters.

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Poster attached to this issue, featuring Sawatari and Yuya as they relax by the river while sakura petals are falling.

Title of the poster: Spring Things Sleepyheads do During Spring
Sawatari and Yuya as they talk by the riverside on their way back from school.
“This time I’ll show you my strongest combo!” claimed Sawatari, who then proceeds to draw a card.
“It’s wrong here though,” said Yuya calmly, as he advised Sawatari on the correct combo.
(Comments from Director Ono)

Disclaimer: The above images are taken from unknown Twitter accounts and are unrelated to this blog nor its owner.


3 responses to “Anime News: Interview with Director Ono, Easter Eggs etc

  1. dammit why is this shun playing more active role in future i wish the director could ignore him and never bring him back


  2. I just can’t get enough of this backstage info the ARC-V staff gives us. They’re developing their characters even outside the TV screen, even promoting their VAs to be popular among fans. Whoever is in charge of the marketing section deserves an award.

    Also, I really want those chibi Kama brothers.


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