Anime News: New Information About Third Opening

According to a news report on, Gekidan Niagara has been chosen to perform the third opening theme song for the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime entitled “Hanate“. (Hanate can mean to release/to fire)

Gekidan Niagara is the name of a new project formed by the lead guitarist Taki Yoshimitsu of the Japanese rock band 9mm Parabellum Bullet (Movement, Dawning etc). In the future, Gekidan Niagara plans to release more songs with Taki as its leader while the other members will change with each song.

Other artists performing the song under the name of Gekidan Niagara includes:

In brackets: (Position/current band)
– Inamura Taisuke (Vocalist/Arukara)
– Takeda Masayuki (Lead Guitar 1/HERE)
– Taki Yoshimitsu (Lead Guitar 2/9mm Parabellum Bullet)
– Ijima Keisuke (Bass)
– Fukuda Youko (Drums)

For the song “Hanate”, Inamura is set to write the lyrics whereas Taki will be responsible for the melody composition. The song has been described as “energetic”, according to the website.

The new opening is set to kick into the ARC-V anime from 5th April 2015 onwards (Episode 50). The single CD for the song will be released on 27th May 2015.

Comment from Taki Yoshimitsu (Lead Guitar):

I’m Taki. I feel happy being able to compose the melody for this song. Using a variety of musical instruments, I plan to create an energetic and lively feeling for the song. It’s also my pleasure that I’m able to try out new things with this song. Working with new members this time round is a fresh and exciting experience for me as well. Please do listen to this new song!


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