ARC-V Episode 47 Review

Apologies for the delay. I was busy moving house this week, and therefore the episode review could only be written today. Next episode’s review will come as per normal.

Episode 47: Yuuri with the Cold Smile


As we head towards the last few episodes of this season, it is finally time for the introduction of a new major power from the villainous Academia side. If you have not realized already from the title itself, the character I’m talking about is Yuuri, who only appeared in a brief cut at the conclusion of Episode 37, and did not have a speaking role until ten episodes later.

And how is my first impression of this antagonistic Yu- character? Pretty much as what I expected, I would say. When judging a new main character, I look for two things. In this episode, Yuuri is portrayed as a menacing and sadistic force to be reckoned with, who has completely no idea about what the Professor’s plans are, and only followed his orders because he found fun with it. In his debut scene this episode, he ruthlessly cards away two side characters at once, proceeds to jump off a building, then attempts to force Yuzu to follow him. All done while he maintains that creepy,  haunting “cold smile” of his. That scene, however, only marks the beginning of the showcase of how villainous yet charming he is, and this characterization is one reason that in my opinion makes this episode such an excellent one.

Having been hidden from the audience for such a long time, this episode reveals that Yuuri is voiced by Ono Kensho who also voices the main character Sakaki Yuya in this episode, and I must say that he does a great job in lending his vocal talents to the character. It is definitely remarkable how Ono is capable of managing his range of voices, which vary between Yuya, berserk Yuya and this Yuuri, giving some form of uniqueness to each separate character.

The episode, however, does not only impress me in terms of a single character only. Episode 47 also gives focus to the hero from the Synchro Dimension Yuugo, who comes to Standard being brought by his Clear-Wing Synchro Dragon. Yuugo is the star in what I believe to be one of the most epic scenes of this entire anime. You are right, I am talking about his duel against the Obelisk Force. In a way reminiscent of the old Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s anime (who shares a director with this anime), Yuugo masterfully performs a good number of stunts with his D-Wheel, all while he shouts out the chant to summon his dragon ace. It is indeed a very well-directed scene, with gorgeous animation and an epic musical score playing in the background.

That all being said, however, I still find, albeit minor, a flaw with the episode which takes me back a little for this episode, and it’s with the presentation of time in this episode. The events in this episode take place over a night, which would mean roughly ten hours. It has been shown that Shun and Sora have been dueling all these while, and Serena has taken such a long time to travel from the Iceberg Area to the Ancient Ruins Area when other characters have been shown to take at the most an hour or so. Both of which do not make any sense. I do sincerely hope, however, that it occurs only as a result of lack of communication between the writers and the animation directors, and not an error on the part of the writers themselves.

Episode 47 is a very good episode of ARC-V, and while it does have a single flaw, I still rather enjoy this episode. Next episode, we are finally gearing up for the conclusion of this season and it is interesting to see how the Battle Royale would eventually conclude.


Animation – 9/10

Sound – 8/10

Duel Choreography – NA

Script – 9/10

Overall – 9/10


Episode 48: The Wounded Falcon! Until then!


2 responses to “ARC-V Episode 47 Review

  1. Serena might have been looking around since she hasn’t exactly been told where or WHAT Kurosaki even looked like xD


  2. I didn’t want the ending to happen but it did… Disgusted by the Youth Squad’s performance though, and the Obelisk Force. Just beating them doesn’t satisfy me.

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