Anime News: ARC-V Event Report (with New Character Designs)

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5D’s Characters Set to Appear in “Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V”!
Hoshino Takanori: “Jack is all-ready”

A talkshow on the anime was held at the ADK booth in the Anime Japan 2015 held on the 22nd of March. Starting from April, the show will introduce yet two “new” characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s anime – Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan, a piece of news that is bound to make fans of the old series excited.

The voice actors who attended this event were, as previously reported, Ono Kensho (Sakaki Yuya), Takagi Manpei (Yuuto), Takagi Shinpei (Yuugo) and Kinjo Yamato (Kurosaki Shun). A surprise guest turned out to be Hoshino Takanori of Jack Atlas fame. “When I first saw the anime, I thought, ‘What!? Now you can ride on monsters!?’. And if Yuya’s specialty is Entertainment Duels, the King seeking real entertainment is all ready to go! (laughs)” was his first comment upon appearing on the stage.

A quiz panel was also held, pitting all the voice actors against each other. A number of difficult questions were asked, including “The star on Yuya’s goggles is placed on the left side, or the right side?”, “Which summoning methods(s) do students of You Show Duel School not know how to conduct?”, “What color are the cards of Synchro Monsters?” and “What’s the name given for vehicles in 5D’s?”. Ono and the Takagi twins were able to correctly answer all questions, and as a gift they were awarded each with a “Duelist Entry Deck VS” product. On the other hand, Hoshino, who received the lowest score, had to play a “batsu game” in which he was to tell everyone how he felt in his character’s voice. He responded with a regretful “IMPOSSIBLEEEE!” :jackomg: .

At the end of the talkshow, each voice actor gave a comment on the show.
Takagi Manpei (Yuuto): “I’m prepared to give my all into playing Yuuto until the very end. As the show becomes more and more interesting with each episode, please do not miss any one of those!”
Takagi Shinpei (Yuugo): “I’ve only started voice acting with this role, and knowing that there are so many of you great fans around, this only makes me want to work harder to give my best performance. Please do look forward to more of Yuugo’s Riding Duels in the future.”
Kinjo Yamato (Shun): “While it’s a show filled with smiles, you would never see Shun do so. Let’s all make him smile once more, shall we?”
Hoshino Takanori (Jack): “It’s my pleasure being able to play the role of Jack Atlas once more. (In Jack’s voice) ‘See you all again in the show, shan’t we!’ ”
Ono Kensho (Yuya): “With the show gearing into its second year, the plot thickens more and more. Please do continue to support Yuya and his adventures.”

The new designs for Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan set to appear in the ARC-V Anime:

Source of the Images: Link


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