Anime Previews: ARC-V Episode 49

Episode 49: Make Everyone Smile with Your Duels
29th March 2015
The Battle Royale reaches its final conclusion. Yuya, in an attempt to make Sora smile once more, challenges him with his Entertainment Duels.

Kurosaki continues to fight against the Obelisk Force despite his injuries, assisted by Sawatari and Gongenzaka who suddenly entered into the duel. At the same time, Yuya duels against Sora but was responded with ridicule. Despite eventually being able to convey his thoughts to Sora and make him change his mind slightly, however…

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Gongenzaka Noboru
Sawatari Shingo
Mokota Michio
Tairyobata Teppei
Houchunn Mieru
Nico Smiley
Akaba Reiji
Shiunin Sora
Kurosaki Shun
Dennis MacField
Assorted Voices


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