Anime News: Extracts of Interview with Director Ono in Animedia

– Season One featured Standard as the background and was a more light-hearted story illustrating the everyday lives of Yuya and co.

– Whereas from Season Two onwards, the story will be taking place in other dimensions.

– With the new chapter, Yuya and co. as a team must collaborate, focusing on winning Duels as their main objective.

– For the designs of the four Yu characters, Mr. Miyoshi first drew the design of Yuya. Following that is the other three (Yute, Hugo, Juri). Each character has two colors decided for their hairstyles: one main color that draws inspiration from the type of Summoning they expert at, whereas the other color complements it.

– However for Hugo, because a white hairstyle wouldn’t look good, white is used as the color for his D-Wheel and riding suit instead.

– At the beginning, Ono Kensho was thought to be voicing all four Yu’s. However, it was later decided that Ono would voice Yuya and Juri with polar personalities instead, whereas for Yute and Hugo they went with the Takagi twins with voices similar to Ono’s.

– To Reiji, Yuya is his object of study. Whereas to Yuya, Reiji is like a barrier to be overcome.

– The background of Hugo would be made clear from Episode 54.


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