Anime News: More Information for 2016 Movie reported earlier today on the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie that is set to be released in the year of 2016. According to the article, both Mutou Yugi and Seto Kaiba would be voiced by their respective actors from the original Duel Monsters series, namely Kazuma Shunsuke and Tsuda Kenjiro.

The article also provides a look into the character designs for the two protagonists. The designs are handled by Takahashi Kazuki himself, as well as Studio Dice.


Furthermore, it has also been revealed that the story of this new movie would be a fully original one, following that of the end of the Duel Monsters series.

When interviewed by the news site about their comments on this new movie, Kazuma (Yugi) says: “It feels great being able to collaborate with Mr. Tsuda (Kaiba) on so many anime and game works. The first time I worked with him was when I was 17 years old, and after so many years, it’s still my greatest pleasure being able to duel with him in the best way possible.”

(Translator’s note: Somehow, this implies the movie would involve a Yugi vs Kaiba duel?)

Meanwhile, Mr. Tsuda comments that “It’s my pleasure to be able to work with Mr. Kazuma.”

The movie would open in Japanese theatres in the year 2016. No news are revealed yet as of now with regards to its release in the West.



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