V-JUMP April 2015: ARC-V Anime News

Appearing before Yuya and the others who has traveled through the dimensions is…?

In order to form alliances with the other dimensions before fighting against the Fusion Dimension, Yuya and the others crossed to these other dimensions. Midway, they met with legendary duelists!

Crow Hogan
Duelist from other dimension who experts in Blackwings. Takes care of 3 kids despite the burden.

Jack Atlas
Coming from what is called the “Facility”, he reaches the zenith of all duelists, and is known as the “King” in another dimension.

Yuzu and Hugo…
Reaching in the other dimension with Hugo is Yuzu. Yuzu will experience her first ever Riding Duel on Hugo’s D-Wheel!

Duel Chasers
The police force who arrests other duelists. Forcibly conducts a duel against Hugo who refuses to follow his instructions!

Source: Maxut


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