Anime Previews: ARC-V Episode 53

Episode 53: A Duel of Smiles – “Smile World”
26th April 2015
Yuya joins in the “Lancers” hand-picked by Reiji. However, knowing that he is still grieving over the loss of Yuzu, his mother Youko challenges him to a duel!

Through his duel with his mother Youko, Yuya learns of the legacy that his father Yuushou has left behind – that is, a fiery passion towards dueling. Fully determined to battle against the different dimensions, Yuya makes a promise with his mother to save Yuzu and Sora! And then, the day of departure comes. To all the Lancers’ surprise, Reiji announces a completely unexpected destination for this trip!

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Sakaki Youko
Sakaki Yuushou
Hiiragi Yuzu/Serena
Gongenzaka Noboru
Hiiragi Shuzou
Sawatari Shingo
Houchunn Mieru
Nico Smiley
Akaba Reiji
Kurosaki Shun
Dennis MacField
Various Extras


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